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Sweeney Excavation

Hamden, CT, USA

Since 1986, Sweeney Excavation has been offering excavation services primarily to residential home builders. Over the years, our scope has expanded significantly, now covering a diverse range of earthwork services, catering to job sites spanning from 2 to 30+ acres.

Headquartered at 9 Corporate Ridge Road in Hamden, Ct., our building provides the needed office space with a maintenance facility for its trucks and heavy equipment.

With annual revenue currently exceeding ten million dollars and an inventory of heavy equipment valued in excess of three million dollars, we have been fortunate to attract many key people to the organization.  These people have been instrumental in passing along the culture, vision, and professionalism which have been the core reason for our continued growth.

Sweeney Excavation Inc. is recognized as the premier provider of commercial services and residential site development & Concrete Foundation Construction & Demolition with a fundamental emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality, and professionalism. Sweeney Excavation provides unrivaled efficiency by performing both Sitework coupled with Concrete Foundation Construction. These two trades interact closely on projects. Sweeney’s control of both of these trades allows its customers to concentrate on other tasks and feel confident that these two trades are being managed efficiently. Sweeney Excavation will have the foundations ready to build upon on or ahead of their schedule.

Customers rely on Sweeney Excavation to work alongside them to find cost effective solutions and to provide exceptional value.