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Marcy Excavation Services LLC

Founded as Marcy Excavation in 1981 (now called Marcy Excavation Services), over the years the company has developed a sterling reputation for quality work, an emphasis on safety, and a team that works together to bring the best to a project.

"When we do work, we're going to do it right," says founder Phil Hale. Many repeat customers reflect that philosophy. Marcy is known for its comprehensive approach, and clients such as DuPont, Waste Management, Casella, Honeywell, and many other private industry and local government clients come to Marcy when they want the job "done right."

While the company initially was known for its wastewater treatment plants, its scope of services has grown substantially over the years. In 1986, it developed a reputation in landfill technologies, which are a concern for many townships and municipalities. Marcy has a long history of constructing or expanding state-of-the-art landfills and remediating or closing landfills that have become environmental hazards. We are experienced at material relocation, slurry wall construction, gas capture, leachate collection and treatment, and capping.

In 2007 Jack & George Rifenburg(Rifenburg Construction Company) purchased the company.  Marcy now provides a wide range of diverse services including landfill cell construction, closures as well as landfill gas collection systems; commercial site development; local municipality and NY state DOT Projects, construction for schools, such as parking areas, athletic fields, tennis courts, and addressing drainage issues; wetlands construction; work at private and county regional airports; environmental work such as stream relocation and streambank stabilization; underground utilities of water and sewer; access roads in industrial parks; and hazardous waste remediation.

"Safety is our number one goal. A safe work environment is also a productive environment."

"If we're going to do a job, we're going to do it right."